Located between the mountains and the sea, Joinville is the largest city in the Santa Catarina state and rises as a historic, cultural, industrial, commercial, technological and educational epicenter. In addition Joinville has the titles of: Flowers City, Bicycles City, Princes City and the Dance City. It is considered the third industrial pole in the South of the country.


Located in Bom Retiro distric, north area of the city, the University Campus of Joinville has the infrastructure required in order that the diversity, plurality and knowledge are practiced, expanded and disseminated. In addition, the Campus also houses the Univille School, which asists students of basic education.

In Joinville there are more than 200 thousand square meters in size, with approximately 41,403.12 square meters in size and constucted 93,497.52 meters of built area, distributed into a large green native preserved area. Located near BR 101, Airport and Industrial District, the Campus has two fast and easy access roads.

- Classrooms with air conditioner and multimedia equipment
- 102 Laboratories (Information Technology and related areas)
- 2 Amphitheaters
- 1 Auditorium
- Universitarian Library
- Administrative Complex
- Cultural Space
- Center of Sports, Health and Leisure (sports complex, with gym, swimming pool, dance and tatami rooms.
- Arenas and courts
- Athletics track
- Meteorological Station and Automated Solarimétrica
- Dental Clinics
- Experimental Surgical Centre
- 29 Ambulatories (some installed in Joinville public hospitals)
- Center of Art and Design (laboratories of theatre, engraving, sculpture, painting and weaving)
- Gastronomy Center
- Restaurant of Univille/Mr. Abass
- Canteens (Blocks C and E)
- Parking