PPGDesign Self-Evaluation

In 2019, the program reevaluated its strategic planning under the Proposal for Improving Post-Graduation Evaluation Model, a document issued by CAPES in October 2018. The many proposed dimensions were contemplated in this process, resulting in the prioritization of some of the most relevant topics for PPGDesign/Univille. About the Graduate Follow-up dimension, the strengths are:

  • a segmented database of the graduates;
  • regular invitations to graduates to join events, classes *AND* seminars;
  • the insertion by the graduates in companies, which make possible projects along with them.

About the Internalization dimension, we understand that the program is close to many multinational companies *AND* has published in international events. Regard the Scientific Production dimension, considering PPGDesign/Univille is a professional program, to which technical production is as relevant as the scientific one, it was verified that:

- our production is adequate to the evaluation criteria;

- the multidisciplinary team balances the two types of production;

- PPGDesign/Univille journal was edited *AND* already in progress.

In turn, in the Innovation *AND* Knowledge Exchange dimension, the program has:

  • students that work on the labor market;
  • entrepreneurs students;
  • recurrent classes with companies;
  • relationship with incubators *AND* startups;
  • research groups *AND* laboratories that work in companies of the region *AND* that are incubated in the university innovation park.

Related to the Economic *AND* Social Impact *AND* Relevance dimension, we consider that:

- sustainability concentration area is already the DNA of the program;

- the program is close to incubators *AND* public entities/offices;

- workshops *AND* capacitation with associations *AND* communities are frequent.

Likewise the review of the Proposal for Improving Post-Graduation Evaluation Model guided strengths, in the same contemplated dimensions, improvement opportunities have been noticed. Regard the Graduate Follow-up dimension, we have verified that we can:

  • stimulate seminars with graduates to share the activities of their business;
  • promote debates with graduates, especially in the subject Seminars of Professional Experience;
  • stablish research groups with opportunities of publication with graduates;
  • consolidate the subject Mobility setting relationships with current students *AND* the graduates’ companies.

In Internationalization dimension, we comprehend that we can:

  • Carry out surveys of companies with international projects;
  • Map international events for publication;
  • Bring invited professors;
  • Stablish partnerships with institutions from Mercosur.

In Scientific Production dimension, it is important to:

  • Stimulate new types of production (like descriptive memorials *AND* patent registration);
  • Publish along with the members of the board;
  • Stablish partnerships with professional post-graduation programs;
  • Improve the activity records, like technical/technological publications;
  • Indicate on the title of the final year projects that they are patent processes.

About the Innovation *AND* Knowledge Exchange dimension, it was seen that we can:

  • Increase proximity with local representative/class institutions;
  • Increase proximity with the other post-graduation programs of Univille;
  • Improve the record of our many activities *AND* productions;
  • Transfer the knowledge to graduates (frequent seminars).

Finally, in Economic *AND* Social Impact *AND* Relevance dimension, we consider that we must:

  • Better structure the impact actions, based on our focus: public/urban, social, industry/service;
  • Associate the developed activities *AND* projects with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

Trying to stablish a continuous process of improvement *AND* qualification of the faculty, processes like the PPGDesign strategical planning *AND* PPGDesign self-evaluation planning were systematized between 2018 *AND* 2020.