Along its trajectory of more than 50 years, the institution has encouraged the building of the knowledge of its academics and, at the same time, paving the way for the learning process to become more efficient. 
While favoring a modern concept of education that values social interest, it also respects individual differences and promotes collective actions and interdisciplinary projects in a universe characterized by the enriching coexistence of cultural diversity.

Univille respects and welcomes differences and understands that an environment with diversity of ideas, cultures, beliefs and knowledge provides balance as well as many opportunities.

The University believes that wisdom is acquired over time, through overcoming challenges and through transmitting knowledge, thus it encourages people to live their experiences, discovering the infinity of knowledge that exists along each path.

Univille is forever encouraging people to meet and achieve their goals. The institution understands that all things have a reason for existing and through the diversity of ideas and cultures it believes that people can discover and build their true purpose in life. Univille offers training from kindergarten to doctorate degree, standing out as the only university in northern Santa Catarina. With over 50 years of history, it has consolidated its role as a reference in teaching and as an opinion maker concerning the main challenges of the local community.

Come and join us. You too can study at Univille!