Univille believes that international academic experience is a rich complement to training, as it provides qualification of knowledge and cultural development. Thus, it counts on the International Affairs Office to contact international institutions and encourage teachers, researchers and students for international mobility through study exchanges with universities. Furthermore, the International Affairs Office of Univille conducts International and Inter-institutional Cooperation activities, always focusing on teaching and research.

- Enable academic exchange and the exchange of experiences of students, professors and administrative staff of Univille with students and professionals from other universities and foreign research centers (outgoing modality)
- Disseminate among Foreign Universities with agreements with Univille, the Academic Exchange Program that welcomes foreign students to spend a semester in Univille (incoming modality)
- Foster the internationalization of Univille, through international study trips and participation in events and activities for this specific this purpose
- Intermediate the proposal and signing of agreements between Univille and similar institutions. 


Luísa Junkes
International Office Assistant
+55 47 3461-9051

Thaís Cristina da Rocha
Head of International Office
+55 47 3641-9051