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The Master’s Degree in Process Engineering has only one concentration area, Process  and  Product Development  and  Management,  and  aims to qualify professionals to act in the industrial, academic,  and  scientific fields, being able to absorb  and  develop innovative technologies,  and  to create less polluting  and  environmentally correct materials, products,  and  process.


History of the program: 

The Post-Graduation Program in Process Engineering started in 2006. It was recognized by the State Board of Education, Decreet no. 659, published on the State Official Journal of Santa Catarina of September 25 of 2007,  and  by the Coordination for Improvement of Higher Education (CAPES), Order no. 2,642, of July 27, 2005, published on the *UNION* Official Journal of July 28 of 2005. 

Master in Process Engineering’s Profile: 

The Master’s in Process Engineering will be able to act in the development  and  management of new processes  and  environmentally correct products, both in the academic-scientific field  and  industrial processes, in an integrative way. 

Students’ profile: professionals graduate in Engineering, Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Computer Science, Pharmacy, Physics, Mathematics, as well as technologists in Chemistry, Materials, Mechanics, Automation,  and  Industrial Processes. Other courses in similar areas will be subject to type-approved by the master’s collegiate. 

CONCENTRATION ÁREA: Desenvolvimento e Gestão de Processos e Produtos 


Cleaner technologies applied to processes  and  products. 

This line of research mainly aims to develop production processes  and  economically viable alternatives to obtain products of industrial interest, including  that waste valorization, reuse, treatment,  and  management, as well as the development of safe  and  environmentally correct products, services,  and  packages during their life cycle, to reduce the environmental impact caused by the material accumulation. 

Involved professors: 

Profa. Dra. Ana Paula Testa Pezzin 

Prof. Dr. André Lourenço Nogueira 

Profa. Dra. Bianca Goulart de Oliveira Maia 

Profa. Dra. Denise Abatti Kasper Silva 

Profa. Dra. Elisabeth Wisbeck 

Prof. Dr. Flares Baratto Filho 

Profa. Dra. Noeli Sellin 

Prof. Dr. Ozair Souza 

Prof. Dr. Régis Daniel Cava 

Product, Knowledge,  and  Innovation Management 

This line of research deals with issues related to product, knowledge,  and  innovation management processes present in organizations, trying to reach sustainability, considering the theoretical-methodological bases to promote reflections, improvements  and  new  and  more integrated  and  coordinated processes. In Production Management, the objects of study are the innovation  and  the improvement of industrial  and  organizational processes, aiming to anticipate problems, reduce costs,  and  maximize sustainable results. In Knowledge Management, the objects of study are the models  and  processes of knowledge socialization, externalization, combination,  and  internalization, addressed to greater effectiveness in organizations. In Innovation Management, the objects of study are the models of innovation management in organizations, educational institutions,  and  other innovation habitats,  and  a precursor  and  adjacent processes that lead to innovation. 

Involved professors: 

Prof. Dr. Claiton Emilio do Amaral 

Profa. Dra. Denise Abatti Kasper Silva