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The Professional Master’s Degree in Design of Univille has the objective to consolidate the *UNION* between university *AND* companies to produce applied scientific *AND* technological knowledge. It promotes the high-level professional qualification, offering the same attributions, degree, *AND* prerogatives of the academic master’s degree, making possible that the graduate teaches *AND* applies for doctorate programs in Brazil *AND* abroad.

The Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (Capes) has certified the Professional Master’s Degree in Design of Univille, based on its high-level qualification, institutional expertise, *AND* on the excellent facilities to develop research in the field of design. Therefore, the Master’s Degree is a relevant opportunity for the student’s qualification, who will be able to experience all the stages of project *AND* construction of ideas immersed in the culture of innovation, technology *AND* productive processes.

For companies, the Master’s Degree in Design is an opportunity of investment in innovation *AND* applied research, partnering with the university in all the areas of knowledge that are available in the institution. The university is a center for studies *AND* development characterized by its creative potential *AND* by its constant renovation.

This new space extends the universe of culture of the project *AND* applied research, coming up with innovative solutions to the market.

The Master’s Degree in Design is the result of the 23-year-old experience of the Undergraduate Programme in Design of Univille, a programme known by its excellence in teaching, graduating qualified professionals to act in the Brazilian market.

Students’ profile

Professionals graduate in Design *OR* in other fields that work professionally in research, creation *AND* development of products *AND* services.

Objectives of the program

To meet the demand for professionals with a substantial background, the objective of the Master’s Degree in Design is to contribute with the qualification of high-level professionals, who are compromised with the production of technical-scientific knowledge to solve problems towards design of products *AND* services, focusing on the sustainability in urban, industrial *AND* craft contexts.


Prof. Dr. Victor Rafael Laurenciano Aguiar

Bruna Estéfani Dombrowicz

The curriculum has a minimum duration of 15 months *AND* a maximum duration of 24 months *AND* is divided in compulsory *AND* elective subjects.

The subjects happen on Tuesdays *AND* Thursdays, from 7:00 to 10:30 p.m.

Concentration area - DESIGN *AND* SUSTAINABILITY

It comprehends issues *AND* aspects toward design in urban environment *AND* in companies of many industrial *AND* craft segments, with analytical, market, of applied research *AND* theoretical-reflexive coverage. It considers the social, cultural, *AND* technological transformations, debating the role of professionals that act in this context. The programme tries to assist the professional qualification under the focus of sustainability.

Fields of research *AND* technical-scientific practice

Production Process *AND* Design

This field of activity investigates the relations between design *AND* the social reality, considering the urban environment, the market, the consumer’s behavior, the society, the material culture, *AND* the symbolic *AND* aesthetical issues. It involves the influence, the actions, *AND* the repercussions of design in the attribution of cultural *AND* social values, aiming at the development of sustainable products *AND* services.

Technological Production *AND* Sustainability

This field of activity studies issues about the user-object relations *AND* the environment, considering aspects of interface, physical interaction, *AND* sustainability. It involves new possibilities toward aspects of development, production, *AND* management of design process, as well as of development of products *AND* services.