Enrollment *AND* Special Regime


There is the possibility of enrolling in subjects of the Master’s Degree in Design as a student in special regime. Following, we point out the information *AND* **s to the request:

- Fill *AND* sign the Application Form (Click here);

- E-mail ppgdesign@univille.br requesting the subject schedule;

- Choose the subjects, totalizing 6 credits at most. Each credit corresponds to 15 hours of class;

- Make a document that justifies the selection of the subjects *AND* of the Master’s Degree in Design;

- Provide a copy of the documents: undergraduation certificate (double side), graduation records, RG *AND* CPF. The copies must be showed with the original documents *OR* authenticated;

- After the collegiate **s the situation, if approved, you will be notified *AND* must go to the Master’s Office to pay the subject (the cost is according to the number of credits) *AND* to sign the contract.

*Cost of the credit - 2021: BRL (
Brazilian Real) $ 267.00 (01 credit / 15 hours of class).